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Research Content

Genome engineering

  • Development of gene engineering techniques in mouse ES cells
  • Analysis of exchangeable gene-trap clones
  • Mutagenesis of Japanese wild mice strain, MSM/Ms, using ES cells

We have developed efficient Cre-mediated integrative recombination system in mouse ES cells, and applied to exchangeable gene trapping, in which the reporter gene can be replaced with any gene of interest. We have established a new ES line from the MSM/Ms Japanese wild mouse strain. This line shows unique characteristics not observed in usual laboratory strains, therefore, genetic engineering in MSM/Ms mice should provide new insights into gene function.

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Developmental genetics

  • Sd/Skt gene and a model of caudal regression syndrome

Danforth short tail (Sd) is a semidominant mutation and is a model for caudal regression syndrome (CRS). However, the molecular basis of Sd mutation is unknown. Our study revealed the genetic bases for characteristic phenotypes in Sd. Further studies using Sd mice will provides insight into development and its derangement of spinal column, anus and kidney in relation to human CRS and associated diseases.

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